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Women's Wellness Visits Specialist

Women's Health Specialists, PLLC

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Women’s wellness visits at Women’s Health Specialists, PLLC, provides comprehensive gynecological care and preventive care in the Murfreesboro, Tennessee, office. With 20 years in practice, the dedicated team of experts has extensive women’s health knowledge, and they’re here to help you make informed decisions about your health. Schedule an appointment online or call the office to book a consultation today.

Women's Wellness Visits Q & A

What are women's wellness visits?

Women's wellness visits are exams to make sure you're healthy, with a particular emphasis on your female health. 

Wellness exams monitor your health, identify risk factors, and help you prevent serious issues. The Women's Health Specialists, PLLC, team customizes women's health visits for each woman.

What happens during a women's wellness visit?

Women's wellness visits generally include a pelvic exam to check for abnormalities and structural issues within your reproductive organs. 

From age 25-39, you'll have a clinical breast exam every 1-3 years, and after that, you'll have clinical breast exams yearly. Most women start mammogram screening at age 40.

Along with the pelvic and breast exams, your women's wellness visits may include:

  • Family planning support
  • Birth control - intrauterine devices (IUDs), birth control pills, and more
  • Pap smear and human papillomavirus (HPV) testing
  • Sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing
  • Bone density testing
  • Immunizations such as the HPV vaccine 

The Women's Health Specialists, PLLC, team offers the most advanced genetic testing options to support you when making choices for your health. 

MySupport 360 is a suite of specialized genetic tests that screen for the BRCA breast cancer gene and other hereditary cancers. You can also use MySupport 360 for pre-pregnancy and pregnancy screening. 

Women's Health Specialists, PLLC, personalizes well-woman exams for every woman, so these visits may change at different phases of your life.  

How often should I have women's wellness visits?

Women's Health Specialists, PLLC, recommends annual women's wellness visits for most patients, recognizing that some women have unique challenges that require extra attention. In that situation, the team may recommend that you come in twice a year or more often. 

Do I still need women's wellness visits after I start menopause?

Women's wellness visits are more important than ever after you start menopause. Many problems, like reduced libido, pain during sex, and vaginal dryness, are common during menopause — and they're also treatable during your women's wellness visits. 

After menopause, your risk of significant health problems like osteoporosis, recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs), and urinary incontinence increase. Regular women's wellness visits can help you catch and resolve these issues early or even prevent them entirely. 

At Women's Health Specialists, PLLC, the compassionate team supports your health throughout your entire life. Book your appointment by calling the office or scheduling online today.