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Birth And Delivery Specialist

Women's Health Specialists, PLLC

OBGYNs located in Murfreesboro, TN

Birth and delivery are exciting times during your pregnancy. After spending several months monitoring and guiding you through your pregnancy, the team at Women's Health Specialists, PLLC, is ready to support your birth and delivery needs. Women's Health Specialists, PLLC, delivers exclusively at St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. For comprehensive obstetrics care, call the OBGYN practice at the office in Murfreesboro, or schedule an appointment online today.

Birth and Delivery Q & A

What are birth and delivery?

Birth and delivery are some of the obstetrics and pregnancy services available at Women's Health Specialists, PLLC. The team of knowledgeable and devoted physicians at the OBGYN practice knows the importance of the birth and delivery of your baby.

You can expect knowledgeable, patient-centered, and compassionate care throughout each stage of your pregnancy, including the momentous birth and delivery.

What are my birth and delivery options?

The Women's Health Specialists, PLLC, team delivers exclusively at St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital. Dedicated to labor and delivery, St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital offers:

  • 24-hour laborist coverage
  • Childbirth classes
  • Hospital tours
  • Lactation services
  • Professional infant photography

The specifics of your birth and delivery depend on your pregnancy needs and risks. When possible, the team performs vaginal delivery. However, if you need a cesarean section, you’re in good hands with the highly skilled team at Women's Health Specialists, PLLC.

How do I know I am ready for birth and delivery?

Your provider at Women's Health Specialists, PLLC, reviews the signs of labor with you as you approach your delivery date. At 36 weeks gestation, the team has you come in once a week to monitor your pregnancy and help determine when it’s time to give birth.

During these visits, they measure cervical dilation or when your cervix starts to open. You may also begin to have contractions as you get closer to your due date.

The team provides instructions on when to call the office and when to go to the hospital. Early labor, which includes contractions, can last hours or days.

What happens during birth and delivery?

Once you reach active labor, when your cervix dilates from 6-10 centimeters, it’s time to start the birth and delivery part of your pregnancy.

The team performs your birth and delivery as you’ve discussed throughout your pregnancy so you can have the experience you desire.

If a c-section is needed, the team explains why. 

What happens after birth and delivery?

After the birth and delivery of your baby, you may spend a day or two at the hospital and then go home. The team schedules your postpartum follow-up about one week after the delivery of your baby and continues to provide care for about six weeks.

The birth and delivery of your baby is a life-changing event. For expert care throughout your pregnancy, call Women's Health Specialists, PLLC, or schedule an appointment online today.